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Our Services


Design Corner provides a complete range of interior design services.

Today’s homeowners seek a variety of design services to meet the many demands of today’s lifestyles. Nan's mission with each client and every project is to fully utilize her detailed knowledge and exceptional service to meet both the functional needs and design aspirations of every client.


Nan is totally committed to building meaningful and lasting relationships with her clients that enable them to reach their design goals as she exceeds their expectations with superior service and business integrity.

Nan's goal is to transform every interior space into a celebration of beauty, function, and personal expression. You won’t find a design professional more dedicated to her work than Nan.


Nan's Services Include:



Interior Consultations
Includes a visit to your house or place of business to review the space and discuss your needs and requirements. Photos will be taken as required for my records and a written report of findings and recommendations will be sent to you. Consultations are on an hourly basis and payment is due at time of initial visit. If further services are required, a contract will be written up with scope of services and fees.



Includes a visit to your house to discuss needs and requirements and to take photos as required. This service includes using what you already own to transform a room (or rooms) into an aesthetically more pleasing arrangement and creating a space that is more functional, comfortable, and efficient. To fill in "gaps", we may recommend purchasing certain accessories to complete the look of the room. Depending on the size and number of the rooms, a redesign can usually be done in one day. Payment is fee-based depending on size and number of rooms, and payment is due at end of the redesign. This service is great to add pizzazz to a boring room or to get a new look before a special event!


Real Estate Staging

Includes a visit to your house to review the space and grounds, take photos and discuss your target market for selling in your neighborhood. We recommend staging prior to listing your house so you will have time to make any repairs or painting recommended. You will not want to be doing this while your house is on the market!


Typically, staging includes de-cluttering your space and packing away any personal items that will detract from presenting your house in pristine condition, highlighting its wonderful architectural features and spacious light-filled rooms.


At this point it's best to look at your house as a product for sale, rather than your home. A written report on findings and recommendations will be sent to you and payment on an hourly basis is due at time of initial visit.


Once a scope of services and fees is written up, we will begin work on making your home a showplace for buyers! Remember, money spent up front on staging will increase your bottom line for selling your home.


Certified Interior Environment Coaching (CIEC)

Just as a life coach, business coach, or fitness coach works with you to facilitate your progress, this exciting new field of Interior Environment Coaching assists you through a process of self-awareness to discover where you are now, what the possibilities are, where you want to be, and what action steps you can take to reach your goals as it applies to creating YOUR ideal interior environment for peak productivity, personal
empowerment, and life success.


Learn how to focus on what you truly desire in life and set up your home environment to fully support your beliefs and dreams. Based on a 4-part H.O.M.E. model (Health, Organization, Memories, and Environment), the sessions are sold as packages. Be good to yourself and to your home!


Holiday Decorations

Are your decorations beginning to look unhappy or would you like to add to your existing collections? I will work with your existing decorations and renew, repurpose, or reuse those family traditions or help you with some new family traditions to make your home festive for the holidays. Includes initial visit to your home to discuss your wishes and to determine a scope of services. Please contact me early in the fall because we know how quickly time flies that time of year!


Speaking and Presentations for Local Groups

I am available for presentations on a number of design topics for your women's group or club. If you like, I can bring in a 2nd presenter who will present on a related topic, such as a professional organizer, a personal chef, a jewelry designer, or a cosmetic and skin care representative.
Let the fun begin!



Design Corner

Nan Eberly, Interior Designer

Office: 770-712-7935





Professional Memberships and Certifications:



Nan Eberly of Design Corner is a

Certified Interior Environment Coach,

committed to helping clients create Ideal Interior Environments for life enrichment and personal success!




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